About Us
Our Factory Reefervan has over 15 years of industry experience in panel van insulation,Website:http://www.reefer-van.com, refrigerated truck and body, Reefer sales. Reefervan realized the need in the Europe, Africa, America and Australia market place for quality Van?Insulation, Insulated Box Body and Reefer?products with the right design, performance and at competitive prices without compromising quality. Reefervan set out to design and develop alternative Van Insulation Kits, Insulated Box Body Kits that provide outstanding industry cooling performance, products of high quality and durable, all at competitive prices. In 2008, Reefervan succeeded in the design and manufacture of our O.E.M products, which meet the demands of the Europe, Africa, America and Australia market. Quality panel Van Insulation Kits,Insulated Box Body and Transport Refrigeration Reefers, which are easy to install and maintain with minimum training.
Products and services
truck refrigeration unit coldroom refrigeration unit truck cabin air conditioner bus air conditioner Trailer cooler and box